Welcome to the Future of Pet Care

pet photoFluffy 2.0 is the worlds leading pet DNA storage company. Storing your pet’s DNA is important in order to take advantage of future opportunities for cloning or medical analysis that may be essential to your pet’s health. Using Fluffy 2.0 ensures that you are protected in the event that something happens to your loving companion.

Once your pet’s unique DNA is extracted and processed at our lab, it can be stored for years until cloning or organ generation becomes a standard procedure that is easily available for pets. Unfortunately, if you have not stored your pet’s DNA, this technology will not be of any use to you.

When you select Fluffy 2.0 for your DNA banking needs, we provide a DNA bank certificate so you can easily store and retrieve samples.  Don’t get caught unprepared for the future needs of your pet.

The Fluffy 2.0 Kit Includes:

• 1 Pair of Medical-Grade Tweezers
• 1 Buccal Swab with Protective Cap
• 1 Acid-Free Follicle Collection Set
• Instruction Card
• Postage-Paid Return Mailer
• 1 Free Year of Climate and Humidity Controlled DNA Storage